ES6 Generators

Click the button to print out a list of baseball teams one at a time. The button calls the 'next' iteration, cycling through the next position in the array using an ES6 Generator.


ES6 Arrow Functions

Arrow Functions are always anonymous and do not bind it's own 'this'. Best suited for non-method functions and can't be used as a constructor.


ES6 Array Destructuring

Allows you to assign multiple variables at once based on array items

["usa", "germany", "russia", "japan"]
  • Denver :
  • Berlin :
  • Moscow :
  • Tokyo :

ES6 Rest Operator

Allows you to assign remaining array items to a variable

["Denver", "Portland", "San Francisco", "Amsterdam", "Berlin"]
  • Current location :
  • Favorite Cities :


Closures ensure values of variables within outter functions are retained even after the function has completed execution. Useful for private variable functionality.

Days Snowboarding this year: 0